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People often ask, "What is Frank best known for?"  Without a doubt it would be his ability to create and combine flavors, followed closely by his deep understanding of Sauces.
In the "Sauces" chapter of Cottage Place Flavors, Frank starts out by saying "I believe SAUCES separate truly fine cuisine from good cooking."

Join Frank as he shares his knowledge in our next cooking class, "Frank Teaches Sauces" on Saturday, October 1st and 11am or on Sunday, October 2nd at noon.
He will include Port Wine Sauce and talk about Stocks and Demi-glaze.  There will be several Cream Sauces, Hollandaise Sauce, Tomato Puree, Aiolis and Butter Sauces.  Each will be paired with a protein, bread, pasta, etc. He will finish off with his award winning Arizona Cream topped with Raspberry Puree and touch on "Sauce Drawings". 
You will definitely go away knowing way more than you did at the beginning of class. . . so call today to reserve your spot.
Class includes instruction, a booklet of all the recipes, tastes throughout the class and of course several tastes of wines that Frank will choose to complement the flavors.  Cost of the class will be $60.




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