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Customer Comments

“We are visiting from Europe. This is not the first time we have visited the USA; in fact we are frequent visitors. We would like to say that we have rarely had such excellent food in the US. It is such a pleasant change to find a jewel like this restaurant. Keep up the charm, good service and (most importantly) the standard of food served. We wish you great success - don’t change the formula!!”

“Really enjoyed the six courses of your June Tasting Menu this weekend. I cannot get over how absolutely fantastic that Gorgonzola Encrusted Filet was . . . melt in your mouth goodness for sure. Will be name Cottage place as my top recommended restaurant in my local blog. Thanks for the fantastic dining experience Frank and company!!”

“Absolutely special meal in every way. The food, the presentation, the service, the attention to detail was wonderful. Thanks for a wonderful meal and experience. We were visiting from upstate NY and Connecticut . . . and loved every minute of it. Our wait person was fantastic, interesting, honest, and willing to help in any way.”

My husband proposed to me on your porch in March 1998.  Today is our 10th Anniversary!  What a wonderful memory we have here and thanks for a beautiful dinner once again. . . you NEVER dissapoint!

My wife and I are from the Chattanooga, TN area, and dined with you on Wednesday evening, October 7, 2009.      Since then, we've had Thanksgiving buffet at the Chattanoogan Hotel, and Christmas Eve dinner at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville.  Both are advertised as "superb dining experiences" in Tennessee.  Neither came remotely close to matching our evening with you.  Our dinner with you will be the 'gold standard" to which we will forever compare dining experiences.  I can't imagine a better meal anywhere else.

This is the 3rd time I have dined here and the 3rd time I have been blown away.  I'll be back again!  Thank you for an amazing meal!

We are from Phoenix and there is not a single restaurant in that giant city to compare with the food and service of Cottage Place!  Thank you.

"I greatly appreciated the careful, precise details of the service.  The experience was definitely a treat.  I can't even describe how delicious the food was.  I am not even kidding when I say it was the best I've ever eaten.  Thank you millions!!"

"This was amazing.  The food was delicious. . . the service impeccable, the atmosphere brilliant and the music. . . was awesome.  THANK YOU *****"

"Cottage is a rare gem. . . incredible.  Waitstaff is stellar, knowledgeable and well trained.  We'll be back"

"We'll tell all our friends about this.  Thank you for making this a beautiful night.  We will remember this for the rest of our lives."

"It is so wonderful to have such an amazing experience when dining out.  By FAR the best place in Flagstaff.  Such a relaxing atmosphere and the service was PERFECT!"

"After having been to several 'nice' restaurant in our tome town (Albuquerque) we were very pleased to finally have the experience we had been hoping for.  Thank you so much for an excellently prepared meal and outstanding service."

"Frank. . . I came in for dinner tonight and left with an 'experience'.  Many thanks!" 

"We just spent two weeks in Napa and Sonoma, California.  The meal here was the best of all - hands down!!"

"This was a wonderful experience.  We frequent 5 star restaurants in New York.  This is certainly an experience that is equal to any New York restaurant.  Absolutely a fabuous dining experience!!"

"The wine list was great.  The Riedel Stemware was a special treat and shows the pride you take in your wine.  Loved the menu and the evening!"

"Our tastebuds will be dancing for days!"

"A few of us are from San Francisco - home of great food.  The food here was excellent.  Presentation most professional.  Very impressive!  Thank you for a great dinner on our special occasion."

"An absolutely fabulous dinner.  Lived up to our expectations (which after all we have heard were sky high).  Wonderful  /  Fantastic"

"I searched the web for 'Fine Dining' in Flagstaff.  Everything else I saw seemed quite routine.  Yours stood out  --  deservedly.  Every dish was imaginative without being fussy.  I wish you success.  P. S.  Charmingly served. "

"Everything was suberb.  A LOT of thought has gone into everything associated with this restaurant.  The presentation of every aspect from decor to cuisine is on spot.  Just enough withoug going over the top.  I will return.  THANKS!"

"Dishes were creatively presented, well proportioned.  Happy to see vegetarian selections.  Service was very attentive, not rushed to order, eat and leave."

"I think some of my happiest moments are at your cooking classes . . . and I have a very happy existence!  THANK YOU!!

"This was one of the finest meals we have had in a LONG time.  I wish we had a place this great on the west side of Phoenix."

"I have lived in an array of fine dining concentrated cities (San Francisco, London, Denver, Boston), but continually find myself speaking about the experiences I have had at your restaurant. I had a chance to return for a visit to the Cottage Place for the first time in about three years, and I had high expectations. My girlfriend and I are both old hands when it comes to fine dining, and I hoped that she would be as impressed as I was with the service, cuisine, wine list, ambiance, etc. We were not disappointed. As a matter of fact, my girlfriend stated that the two dinners we had there (in two days) were two of the top three meals she had ever had in her life. You would have to know her, but this is high praise indeed. Very little has changed, maybe new chairs, artwork, etc., but the same attention to detail exists (as always) in service points, wine offerings and presentation, and of course, the wonderful cuisine and desserts. Bravo! For those who still like red meat, the rack of lamb, Chateaubriand, and veal marsala are musts. My lady only eats seafood as far as proteins are concerned and I think you know how she feels about the scallops and salmon! If you are within three hours drive (or flight) you simply have to experience the Cottage Place. I also recommend the tableside creations (Caesar salad, desert selections)."

"The dinner was outstanding as always and the service staff was professional and right-on."

"Dinner was fabulous. Thanks for the vegetarian selections."

"Unfortunately, living in Tucson, I rarely get a chance to visit your excellent establishment. A couple of years ago, I brought a friend from France here who is a very good cook. Of all the restaurants we sampled in Tucson, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Sedona (the best of those) COTTAGE PLACE was his favorite. And you have reconfirmed that impression tonight. Thanks."

"Dinner and service were outstanding. Menu is perfect. We love the stuffed mushrooms."

"Dining experience was excellent, A+, 10 out of 10. Service staff was incredible; very nice and attentive. We were very impressed with the quality of food and service and especially thrilled that your chef would share one of the recipes that we really enjoyed. We will certainly recommend the COTTAGE PLACE to our friends."

"Dinner was sensual to the taste buds and the staff was very attentive and caring."

"The COTTAGE PLACE reputation is legendary."

"We are locals and on a scale of 1-10 you are the BEST 10 all the way!"

"Awesome.Beyond excellent.It was perfect."

"From 1-10 it was an 11. We will be back and we will be telling all our friends about your lovely restaurant."

"We have lived in Flagstaff for 4 years. The food and staff are outstanding. The Escargot was some of the best we have EVER had. The Salmon Bisque was outstanding. The Caesar Salad was marvelous; the anchovies were subtle but a definite plus. The Spaghetti Squash with the hint of ginger was lovely. Our server was very gracious and knowledgeable. COTTAGE PLACE will always be Flagtaff's premier restaurant."

"I just wanted to let you know how very much we enjoyed having dinner at your wonderful restaurant.   We were travelling on our way to Lake Powell and my in-laws when making this trip before always made a reservation at your restaurant.  My husband and I had not had the pleasure of this before.  What an excellent choice!  We live in Orange County in Southern California, but let me tell you. . . if I ever get the chance again I certainly will eat at your wonderful restaurant!!  It's a little far for me to just come for dinner during the week, but I'd sure love to.  Your menu, specials of the evening, your wait staff and your restaurant itself were just PERFECT!!!  It puts to shame some of the expensive places we have in Orange County.  Again - let me thank you so much for such a fabulous experience!!"

"Love this place. 5 stars."

"Our dinner was one of the best in the world!"

"Our experience was perfect. Do not change anything."

"Sadly we don't live in the area but our visit to THE COTTAGE is one of the memories we'll take home from Flagstaff."

"This was most definitely the most exquisite dining experience for the both of us thus far. We are greatly appreciative that we were "fit in" to the busy reservation list without problem. Our compliments to you. Thanks for your spectacular attention to presentation and detail. The evening could not have been better."

"Our waitperson was wonderful  -  very attentive and well versed and he made our young son feel a part of the evening.  The Tasting Menu was well paired and the steaks melted in our mouths.  Our family was visiting from San Francisco, Cincinnati and Ohio and our evening here was the most memorable part of our trip.  Thank you to everyone for a fantastic evening."

"We are so glad we came to The Cottage Place.  You have a unique, high quality and genuinely friendly restaurant.  Congratulations to you all, and thank you for a delightful dining experience."

"I think some of my happiest moments are at your classes. . . and I have a very happy existence."

"A+ all the way around. Great ambiance, excellent food and friendly staff. We'll return again when visiting our son."

"Not only was the food amazing, I felt that the timing when presenting the appetizers, soup, salad and then entree made our dinner that much more enjoyable.  The spacing allowed us to thoroughly savor each course and yet have time to really talk.  As I said this was by far the best meal I have ever had, with the thoughtfulness in presentation serving to add an extra bonus.  Thanks."

"In my life I have taken many cooking classes on a multitude of subjects and from a wide variety of talented instructors.  The "Pairing Wine with Food" was a highlight for me.  I'm sure I speak for many others when I think you for sharing your skills in the kitchen, your deep understanding of the simple and complex components of truly fine dining, and your thoughtful insight that obviously permeates your culinary talents.  It was a delight to experience each tasty presentation, and an amazing bonus to learn from Dennis' vast wine knowledge and experience.  The two of you together are simply terrific in every way."

 Food was excellent, superb, top notch and delicious.  Staff was fun, engaging, delightful, snappy and smart.



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